Finding Your Analytics Tools

Your Edelweiss Analytics tools are a part of Edelweiss+. You can find that link here:

Edelweiss+ is essentially an interactive suite of tools designed to make your job easier. Publishers post their seasonal and backlist catalogs there, and you have tools to communicate with accounts, create and manage orders, offer digital review copies, see reviews, create custom catalogs, and of course, discover your Analytics tools.

The Analytics tools are available for Analytics-subscribing publishers. Note that stores/accounts must be Analytics subscribers themselves in order for their data to show in the Analytics tools.

The Analytics tools will show up as an individual link on your the Edelweiss homepage.


Part of the customization tools for the Edelweiss dashboard is the ability to see what you want to see, and to hide what you do not want to see. If you’re not seeing your Analytics Dashboard Lane, your account either does not have access, or it may be hidden. You can check that by clicking on the tools icon at the top of any screen:



Your Analytics page can be customized, as well, in that you can control the order in which the lanes appear. You can even hide a lane if you like. Again, click on the tools icon at the top of the page to get to your Preferences: