Family Display

You can choose between two different views in the Most Popular Titles and Not Yet Released Titles tools.

The By ISBN display will show the actual editions of each title that are selling or circulating the best. For example, if the paperback version of a recent title is selling the best in the retail market, that paperback version will populate this list. For example, your account may stock the hardcover, but if they don’t stock the bestselling paperback, the graph will indicate that they do not carry that title.

The By ISBN view is a pretty black and white way to look at things, which some people very much appreciate.

There’s a chance, however, that you may not care, strictly speaking, which version of a title your accounts may have in stock, as long as they have some version of the most popular titles. The By Family display view will actually measure the most popular titles according to all versions/editions. You can then, for example, click in to the red pie wedge, Not in Stock, and see titles that are moving well enough to be considered “Most Popular” but that your account does not own in any version.  The Title Detail screen will look a bit different, here, from the By ISBN view’s title detail list in that you will have the option to view all versions of the title in question, see how each moves in the market place, as well as your specific account’s stock, if any.


Note that by “Family,” we are referring to a group of products, each with their own ISBNs, that are judged to be equivalent representations of the same work.

When viewing a title’s detail screen, you can see this family data by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the title:

Click on a different format to view the title detail screen for that format.